President, Founder

    After completing secondary studies in Classics and English, and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and French and English literature, Yves de Matteis began his professional career as a teacher before being hired by various organizations specializing in human rights.

    Passionate about music, he became a member of the board of the Foundation of the Grand Théâtre de Genève before joining the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Geneva as communications director and personal assistant to the Councillor in charge.

    In 2005, Yves was elected to the Geneva City Parliament and serves as a member of the Arts and Culture Commission. In 2013, he was elected as a Deputy of the Parliament of the Canton of Geneva.

      Antoine BOUGET

      Vice President

      After starting his career in catering, Antoine Bouget became familiar with the realities of the art world while working as an assistant during the summer tour of the French radio Europe N° 1 Podium.

      Upon his arrival in Geneva in 1968, he worked for Swissair. A decade later, he began work as a socio-professional teacher, eventually managing a unit in an institution for mentally handicapped individuals. In 1994, he became a special needs educator at the EPI (Public establishments for integration).

      Passionate about music, Antoine has put his extensive knowledge at the disposal of various artists, producers, and media, who regularly hire him as a consultant.

        Damaris FONTAINE

        Vice President

        Damaris Fontaine was born into a family of musicians. She successively practiced music theory, piano, singing in a choir, and drums.

        After completing an apprenticeship as a clerk with a notary's office and a certificate in accounting, Damaris Fontaine began her career in budget management, invoicing, accounting programming, as well as the creation of teaching materials.

        For several years, Damaris Fontaine has been in charge of accounting, administration, and the creation of automated management tools for a university residence, within a Geneva foundation.


            David HADZIS

            Project Manager

            A music industry professional since 1985, David Hadzis has worked with many world-renowned artists, musicians and producers as a songwriter, record producer, sound engineer, and executive producer.

            With over 30 years experience in preserving, enhancing and spotlighting recorded music heritage, David Hadzis has also, since the early 90's, produced or taken part in a wide number of reissues or compilations released around the world.

            David is also the founder of an independent Geneva-based company that offers project management services and is equipped with a studio providing recording and mastering services.